Lefkothea Moschona 

 Massage is God's gift to humanity


Who is Lefkothea Moschona?

Lefkothea Moschona (Lefki) was born and raised in Kefalonia, a beautiful Greek island. After school, alongside her studies in computerized accounting and logistics, she attended a series of seminars in the Remedial massage (targeted treatment for pain and injury) and classic Swedish massage. Therefore she was able to gain a lot of practical knowledge and skills about massage techniques, the patient-client relationship and about some of the related health issues and contraindications for massage. Being in a direct contact with clients, watching since she was a child the massage techniques passing on from generation to generation and focusing on how a touch and the right movements can provide pain relief, relaxation, rejuvenation and well being, made caring Lefki to chase her dream.

Right after her arrival in the Netherlands in the year of 2011, she studied and also got training on the traditional Chinese medical and the Eastern massage, Reflexology and Energetic massage. That is when her knowledge and experience of the body anatomy, the sceletal, the muscular and nervous system was enriched by the meridians, the channels where the life energy flows and the trigger points. In 2014 she succesfully completed her 6 months traineeship in an acupuncture clinic where she followed extra training for treating special medical conditions and focusing on the parts of the body that require rehabilitation. In January of the same year she was registered at the Netherlands chamber of commerse (KvK). Since then she worked in medical massage centers in different parts of the Netherlands till May of 2019 when she opened her own massage practice in Rotterdam. Up to now Lefki carries on studying various types of massage, be able to offer more than 12 different types of massage or a combination, her therapy is always tailored to the client personal needs and wishes while constantly keeping herself informed about the new techniques and products.

In addition to Greek language, Lefki speaks English and French fluently and also has a basic knowledge of Dutch.

"The truth is that magic touch is the art of massage", a firm believer in the benefits of a good massage as relief from both physical and emotional stress, both mind and body will be in balance after even the first treatment by Lefki.

Therefore Healing Art Massage invites you to immerse yourself in a world of opulent luxury and allow yourself some savour moments you will remember for a long time.


What is massage?

The word massage is originally a French term meaning "friction of kneading."

Αlso it comes from the Latin word massa meaning "mass, dough", from the Greek verb μάσσω (masso) meaning "to handle, touch, to work with the hands, to knead dough" or from the Arabic massa meaning "to touch, feel or handle".

A baby's sense of Touch develops while it is still in the womb.

Instinctively humans respond to pain by touching and rubbing the spot that hurts.

So Massage is the use of touch as a therapy based on the principles of anatomy, physiology and pathology for therapeutic or preventive purpose.

Therapists primarily use their hands, but may also use their forearms, elbows, feet or massage equipment.

Massage history

Massage therapy is one of the oldest health care practices known to history.

Almost all cultures have developed systems of therapeutic massage customized to their tradition.

The earliest written records of massage therapy were discovered in Egypt and China (2.700 B.C.).

Ancient Egyptian tombs have been discovered adorned with images of figures being massaged. Specific massage modalities, such as Reflexology, have been depicted in hieroglyphs as forms of hand and foot therapy.

The development of the Chinese tradition came from the synergy between four groups, doctors who brought the sophisticated medical theories of TCM to massage, martial arts who combined deep experience of qi with great ability to heal injuries, Buddhist and Taoist adepts who used massage as an essential support to their spiritual yoga and laymen often blind practitioners offering massage for pleasure and relaxation.

In ancient Greece first Asclepius referred on mysterious force of the human body which he was energized mainly by massaging.

The Greek god considered the massage as the most important way of treatment, along with hydrotherapy, relaxation, diet, herbal medicine and psychological counseling (psychotherapy). He used even reptiles as a means to treat his patients. A serpent was his constant companion therefore the Rod of Asclepius, a single serpent entwined around a staff became the distinctive symbol of doctors and has been the emblem of the modern medicine even today.

Another significant figure in massage therapy history is Hippocrates, a great Greek physician and commonly accepted as the father of medicine whose technique changed the way massage had been practiced for centuries. He stressed that massage should be directed toward the center of the body or toward the heart. His rationale for stroking upwards was to help eliminate waste products from the body. Hippocrates believed that a good physician must be experienced in many things but assuredly also in rubbing (anatripsis) for things that have the same name have not always the same effects. For rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid. He taught his students the advantages of rubbing for self-healing of the body.

It is also worth mentioning the importance of massage during the Olympic Games. The coaches belonged in three categories: the trainers, the gymnastic coaches and the 'sprinklers' whose job was to sprinkle the bodies of the athletes with herbs and essential oils so they all had massage in order to keep their body in optimal condition before the games and to promote rapid removal of toxins and waste products from the muscles.

References to massage appear as well in writings from ancient Japan, India, Arabic nations, Persia, Rome. In modern age several people Jack Meagher, George and Charles Taylor, Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, credited as the ones who adopted names, practiced or established new massage methods.  Such as the Swedish physician Per Henrik Ling, the Dutch practitioner Johan Georg Mezger, the English John Grosvenor, Matthias Roth, Dr. I.M. Sarkisov-Sirasini,

Modern massage therapy continues to re-discover and adapt ancient practices from cultures all over the world. Nowadays massage fills a special need for relaxation and promotion of health in an increasingly complex and mechanized world where these are often in short supply.



Welcome to the official Healing Art massage website.

Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions of  Use.

If you continue to browse and use any part of this website, you agree automatically to become bound by the following terms and conditions of use, without limitation or qualification. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, please do not access the website or use any service.

General  Terms  and  Conditions

  • Healing Art massage is registered and operated as a legal member of the Chamber of Commerce,KvK 59741562.
  • Healing Art massage offers only professional massage for the purpose of stress reduction, relaxation, increasing circulation and energy flow.
  •  Massage is not a substitute for a medical examination or for treatment.
  • For each new customer a short background is required.
  • The client must inform the therapist about his/her medical history and any special health conditions, recent surgery, recent fractures, infectious diseases (such as flu and severe cold), high/low blood pressure, heart conditions, possible injuries, muscular pain, skin infections, allergy in oils or body lotions, pregnancy.
  • The client is good not to have a full stomach
  • Healing Art massage is not liable for damages of any kind, caused by the therapist arising from the client's incorrect and/or incomplete information on relevant medical conditions, medication use, work or leisure.
  • All information collected from the intake and from any discussions during treatment will be confidential and never shared with third parties without written permission from the client.
  • Depending on the case the treatment might be a combination of different massage types.
  • No jewelery or watches to be worn during the treatment.
  • All the products used are natural, thoroughly controlled and customized to the individual need.
  • At the end of the massage, the therapist will leave the room so the client can dress in private. It is advised to wait a few minutes on the table as you get grounded, especially if you feel light-headed. Then take your time getting ready.
  • A massage therapy is available by appointment on a daily basis.Appointments may be scheduled by calling the therapist,sms,what's up,Google,FB page,Instagram,Treatwell or online using the BOOK NOW! button of this site.
  • A confirmation message or e-mail will be sent to you shortly.
  • Cancellation Policy: 24hour cancellation notice by phone or 48 hours notice by e-mail is kindly requested to help us reschedule your appointment.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Healing Art massage DOES NOT offer erotic massage.Any inappropriate behaviour (drug use,excessive drinking,illicit or sexually comments or suggestions) will result in immediate termination of the massage session and the client will be charged for the full price of the booked service.



T. 0623335832

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KVK: 59741562


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Healing Art massage

Welcome to your personal page of beauty and relaxation!                                                                                                   Relax

Healing Art Massage is uniquely and awesomely created with forethought and purpose to offer you calmness,balance,energy and wellness.After a long week at work or even at the beginning of a very demanding day with the family or sports,now you have the opportunity to offer the best gift to you and to your loved ones.

Enjoy your journey to the aroma and the sensation of the natural organic oils and relax with the soothing music while receiving all the treatments and the techniques that will be customized to your personal needs.

A new initiative in health and beauty,invites you now to come and have an authentic massage treatment.

This website provides you all the information that you need. After you have selected the type of massage that best suits you, make your reservation online by using the "BOOK NOW'' button or contact me to schedule an appointment.

I am looking forward to meet you personally, always hoping that my knowledge and experience will guide you to a beautiful world, free from any kind of stress and tension, the new energetic and dynamic version of You .


Please note: the treatments are only for ladies.

Let op: alle behandelingen zijn enkel voor vrouwen.