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General  Terms  and  Conditions

  • Healing Art massage is registered and operated as a legal member of the Chamber of Commerce,KvK 59741562.
  • Healing Art massage offers only professional massage for the purpose of stress reduction, relaxation, increasing circulation and energy flow.
  •  Massage is not a substitute for a medical examination or for treatment.
  • For each new customer a short background is required.
  • The client must inform the therapist about his/her medical history and any special health conditions, recent surgery, recent fractures, infectious diseases (such as flu and severe cold), high/low blood pressure, heart conditions, possible injuries, muscular pain, skin infections, allergy in oils or body lotions, pregnancy.
  • The client is good not to have a full stomach
  • Healing Art massage is not liable for damages of any kind, caused by the therapist arising from the client's incorrect and/or incomplete information on relevant medical conditions, medication use, work or leisure.
  • All information collected from the intake and from any discussions during treatment will be confidential and never shared with third parties without written permission from the client.
  • Depending on the case the treatment might be a combination of different massage types.
  • No jewelery or watches to be worn during the treatment.
  • All the products used are natural, thoroughly controlled and customized to the individual need.
  • At the end of the massage, the therapist will leave the room so the client can dress in private. It is advised to wait a few minutes on the table as you get grounded, especially if you feel light-headed. Then take your time getting ready.
  • A massage therapy is available by appointment on a daily basis.Appointments may be scheduled by calling the therapist,sms,what's up,Google,FB page,Instagram,Treatwell or online using the BOOK NOW! button of this site.
  • A confirmation message or e-mail will be sent to you shortly.
  • Cancellation Policy: 24hour cancellation notice by phone or 48 hours notice by e-mail is kindly requested to help us reschedule your appointment.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Healing Art massage DOES NOT offer erotic massage.Any inappropriate behaviour (drug use,excessive drinking,illicit or sexually comments or suggestions) will result in immediate termination of the massage session and the client will be charged for the full price of the booked service.



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